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dèfiler vers le bas s'il vous plaît! merde! In english, this means "scroll down please! shit!"

November 30th, 2010 by cheesellamaAbout

Odedadali is an experimental blog, sharing information about typography, art and any cool shit found in this universe by Michael DeGrandmont, John Michael Cremer and Brent Tyler. Inspired by: Dali, Dada, Oded Ezer, Surrealism, Type, Beauty, Sex, Violence, Peace, Love, Hate, Guerrilla Art, Anti-Corp, and Awesome Shit Humans Create.

Today, we find the modern website design following standards of usability, simplicity and logic. As true artists, the creators of Odedadali reject this common way of thinking as no more than the blind leading the blind, and with little awareness for artistic expression. This modern, industrialized culture has sped up the general populations daily living, causing the need for rapid information sharing. Today’s information sites are still using guidelines developed by the newspaper industry since the industrial revolution. Usability Sucks, ‘Above the fold’ is overrated, we like scrolling… So, scroll you shall.

This need for rapid consumption has degraded the humanistic, artistic flair once applied to everything. The uniqueness once inherent in every individual design from print to architecture has given way to functionality, rapid turnover and larger profit margins. With the crash of the American economy, we can see this shift in design standards not only ruined the strongest financial system in the world, but also destroyed the appreciation and universal understanding of the need for true artistic application in every aspect of our lives.

Slow down a bit. Breathe. Read. Enjoy Art. Feel. Play with a puppy. Dive into a rose bush if you’re a dick. Save whales. Protest Protests. ROYGBIV. Sex. Love.