Okay, yeah the new Gaga video is pretty rad but…

I always thought personally that one of Madonna’s best videos was the 2003 unreleased version of American Life where she tosses George Bush a grenade at the end. I understood why she didn’t want to Dixie Chick herself by releasing it at the time, but holy fucking shit where did this Director’s Cut version come from!? It’s WAY more shocking and disturbing than the original and in HD no less! And was that Sophia Loren? Meryl Streep?

From Wikipedia: A director’s cut of the video has surfaced in recent years. It maintains most of the footage in the original but the ending is different and more graphic. In the middle of the scenes in the fashion show where Madonna hoses down the paparazzi, numerous war-injured models are carried on-stage by groups of nurses, their clothes soaked with blood. In the midst of these scenes are fast-moving war images and scenes of the crowd at the show reacting to the sights. At the very end, Madonna throws the grenade likes she does, but instead of landing in George Bush’s hand like the original, the crowd gasps as the grenade lands on an empty part of the catwalk. The director’s cut ends with a close-up of the grenade hitting the stage and Madonna’s image on the big screen putting her hands on her ears.

It gets crazy around the part where she starts chanting “Fuck it!” approx 3:05. Do not watch if disturbed by images of war!


The original unreleased GW Bush version:

And the lame-ass Flags version which aired on US tv:

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